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Terms & Conditions

Items for sale

All items must be in great condition. No marks or stains on clothes. All toys and equipment in full working order, no parts missing etc. and comply with British Safety Standards. 

All items must be cleaned or washed before selling.

You are welcome to sell any new items that you have bought or been given as gifts but have not been used.

All items must be related to maternity, baby and children.

Any items that do not meet the requirement may be asked to be removed from your stall.


Items that cannot be sold

Items that are not fully functional, or in a poor condition.

Items that have been excessively used.

Damaged, broken, or dirty toys, equipment, or other items.

Well-worn clothes - Please think about whether you would buy the item. If the answer is no, then please don’t try to sell it!



If Boutique Baby Sale need to postpone or cancel an event, your booking will be automatically transferred to the amended date/time/venue


If you are no longer able to attend the sale, please inform us at least 7 days prior to the sale and we will transfer your booking to the next event at the same venue. Please note, as we have multiple event organisers, we are no longer able to transfer bookings to a different venue.

The stall booking fee is non-refundable. By making the payment you agree to the terms and conditions.



Online Events - Seller Terms and Conditions.

These are in addition to the above terms and conditions.

Your booking is for up to 40 photo slots at the event. The photos can be of individual item or bundles.

Our online events should have the same top-quality items available as our actual events. Please be selective in what you sell! The best 'stalls' have good brands in great condition, with a good selection of items (Toys, Clothes, Equipment)


ALL items MUST be in great condition. No marks or stains on clothes. All toys and equipment in full working order, no parts missing etc.

All items must be cleaned or washed before photographing and selling. This is part of our regular terms and conditions and is particularly important now due to COVID-19.

Payments for items will be sent via PayPal. Therefore, you must have a PayPal account to receive the payment.

All items should also be offered for postage to anywhere in the UK.

You should offer combined postage if the buyer purchases more than 1 item.

All sold items must be posted within 2 days of receiving info and payment from us.


Please ensure you get proof of postage if sending through Royal Mail or tracking info for all items and send a copy to us so we can quickly and easily respond to any customer queries.

We will manage all payments from buyers.

2 days after the event, you will receive payment from us for sold items, minus 10% fees.




Terms and conditions of business or craft stall bookings


Business and craft stalls are limited. Please contact us prior to booking any craft or business stall to ensure we have availability.

In addition to the above terms and conditions business stands must also comply with the below.

All business stands must trade legally and conform to all laws related to running a business. All items for sale must comply with current safety legislation.

Food stands must comply with food hygiene requirements and hold the relevant certificates required to sell food.

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