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Our Story

Hi, I’m Kate. Mum to 2 beautiful children and the owner of Boutique Baby Sale!


Boutique Baby Sale was established by myself in 2013 when early into my maternity leave with my daughter I found myself being made redundant.  So I decided now was the time to do what I’d always wanted to do, and set up my own business! 


The events started small, in local church halls and community centres around Salford and Manchester, but quickly grew into much larger events, filling out sport halls and leisure centres and attracting hundreds of customers. 


I’ve always been really passionate about making sure we have great quality items on offer to encourage people who didn’t usually shop preloved, to give it a go. 

It feels great to give local parents the opportunity to save and make money, from buying and selling preloved and it is of course great for the environment as well! 


In 2016 we decided to franchise the business so we could bring our events to more areas and I also wanted to be able to offer some part time flexible working to other like minded mums (and dads) - something that we know is often so hard to find.


We now have a fantastic team of 9 franchisees who cover 13 franchise areas across the North West and West Yorkshire.

Many of these franchises are well established and have been organising successful events across the North West for many years!


When Covid hit we had to postpone all our local venues events. So in August 2020 we launched our online events where people can now buy and sell with us from anywhere in the UK! The online events have proved very popular and we are very excited to see how these grow.


Over the next few months we are really looking forward to the return of our local events and expanding our franchise areas across the UK!


Kate x

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